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With this cab, called  V2-Boa, Valhallir-owner Andy has fullfilled his personal dream.

He found a 49 year old, empty Orange® 4×12 cab in a friend’s reharsal room, that  had not aged very well.

Andy ripped off the old Tolex (which was painted in black) , grinded the surface (what a frakkin’ job) and loaded the cab with some great speakers, after additional bracings and

acoustic improvements. And he tolex’d it with blood-red Snakeskin tolex, which led to her new name “V2-Boa” and quickly it became Andy’s favorite cab for his progmetal-band Chaos Inside

Let’s talk about the speakers:

Speaker A is a Celestion®   T75  from 1987, with 1777 Kurt Mueller Cone. This version is very different to it’s modern versions, as there is less scoop and a better overall midrange

as known (and often hated) from the new China-made models.

Speaker B is a Celestion®  G12-80 from 1981, also with  1777 Kurt Mueller Cone.  Because of it’s coil, the vented big magnet and the 1777 cone it could definitely be called the “Father”  of the

legendary  Mesa Black Shadow MC-90s by Celestion®.

Speaker C is a US-made WGS Warehouse® Veteran 30, often described as the “better” V30.

Speaker D is a US-made Scumback® by Weber  SA12H-75-16 from 2005, developed from guitar speaker-legend  Ted Weber for Scumback, to obtain the legendary Pulsonic-cone sound, paired with

a  modern charakter. Let’s say: G12-H30 on testosterone! Truly a highlight in this cab!

Loading a cabinet with different speakers is very difficult, as it can cause some weird phase issues. So we did a lot of trial&error with several different speakers to make V2-Boa  the best

possible mix-cab. You need  some “Überkab-Flavour”? Mix The T75 with the Veteran30 IRs. You wanna go Mesa Roadking- or Halfback style? Take the G12-80. You would love some Orange-like G12-H30 Pulsonic mojo? Give the Scumback H75 a go.

The following microphones have been used and abused for this cab pack:

Low resonance frequency : 104 Hz.

How does V2-Boa sound? Let Al River’s guitars do the talking:

Mr. “Tone” Marco Fanton is also having big fun with our V2-Boa:

Marco goes METAL:

And here’s a nice one from Steven. He’s the guitarist from Austria’s Alternative Rockband “Nine Lives” with some A-Smith:


Here we go with Hal West from the Austrian Rockband CIL CITY!



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  1. Dominik Dietrich (verified owner)

    If you can only afford one IR pack it should either be this one or the Evil Triple. Four speakers captured using several mics in one (great) cab already tell you that it’s going to be versatile but reducing this one to being just versatile wouldn’t do it justice.

    Whatever it is you’re looking for, you’ll find it. Fat mids, slightly scooped, something to brighten up a dark amp or dampen too much presence, full clean, bright clean, fat lead, brittle crunch…of course it takes a while to find them as there are a ton of files here.

    I am quite picky when it comes to IRs and most mainstream IRs of V30s etc. don’t cut it for me so if you’re just looking for the run-of-the-mill IRs you’d probably find something for you in here too – but so much more. Absolutely stunning set!

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