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Our best Mesa-based IR-cab pack now in V2-quality!!! Completely new mic shots, including the “Selection” folder, Midfield and Farfield IRs!

Based on measurements of a fabulous  Oversized Mesa™ 4×12 cab, loaded with superb UK-made Celestion™ V30’s (70 Watt-Mesa-version T4335)

this monstrous cab has seen hundreds of stages and hurt the backs of countless stagehands.

It belongs to NACA7-guitarist Christian “Hochi” Hochmuth and plays in its own league, when it comes to mighty V-30 loaded Mayhem.

Of course the best V30’s-loaded cab we had ever to shoot. Marcus Siepen from Blind Guardian instantly fell in love with it, and if you listen to

Thomas McRocklin’s latest releases, you know, how it sounds.


As this is a re-shot from the ealier MB1992-V30 cab pack, customers, who bought the first version will be allowed, to buy the V2-MB1992 for the upgrade-price

of € 9,-….just look at “V2-MB1992 Upgrade”. After the purchase and a check we unlock the new V2-MB1992 cab pack on your account.

Resonance frequenzy =  99 hz



2 reviews for V2-MB1992

  1. Andreas Velten (verified owner)

    Best Mesa Boogie IR out there. And I checked a whole lot of them. Awesome

  2. Progfusion

    The original pack was already very good. The V2 is excellent, with new and rare mics. If you are looking for great Mesa Boogie IR, this pack is for you.

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