Back to the 80’s!!!

Based on measurements from a Marshall™ 1960B™ JCM800™ from 1980, loaded

with Celestion™ G12-65 Speakers, this cab has extremly focused mids and will “bite” through the mix in every situation.

Rock/Hard Rock/80’s/90’s Metal pure! But it also can be very funky and represents the british JCM800 domination like no

other cab in its era.

The original cab is owned by Naca7-singer/guitarist Simon Jahn and has seen countless stages in several countries. http://www.naca7.com

It belongs the “Naca7 cab series” which consists of the V2-MB1992 and the upcoming V2-SV410E and V2-SV15E bass IR cab packs.

Low resonance frequency: 102 Hz


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