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Exceptional guitarist from Italy. Video and preset creator, Endorser and a supernice guy.

Austrian YouTuber, Musician, Video & Media Producer

Italien facebook-community, specialized for digital modeling devices and modern gear

Progressive Modern Metal made in Austria.

The Austrian Rock/Metal-Producer Norbert Leitner. More to come…..

Austrian  Metal-projekt with international artists. Valhallir IRs all the way.

THE music store in Austria. Official

The website from Haiko Heinz, the pro-guitarist and clip-shredder for

The german AXE-FX User-Community. Not only for  Fractal Audio-users.

Go there and make friends.

Phantastic microphones, innovative and affordable.

German Customshop  for FRFR-systems (Full Range Flat Response) and GFR’s (Guitar Flat Response)  for modeling amps.

Outstanding quality  at affordable prices.

The annual musicians weekend party from the

The Facebook-page from the Austrian Pro-guitarist Conrad Schrenk.

Modern metal made in Austria. Heavy like sh*t. Pure power.

The website of Bastian Bührig, IT-professional. Relieable, creative, fast and affordable, just like your mom.