Based on measurements of a Ampeg™ SVT410E 4×10″ cab and it’s evil sister  SVT15E 15″ from 1998, we proudly present a real candy for the bass-players:

The  V2-Sven7 cab pack! This Tower of Power has seen countless stages – as you can see – and belongs to  Joe Schnell, the bass player from the Austrian Hardcore band NACA7.

Together with our mega selling cabs https://valhallir.at/shop/v2-mb1992/ and  https://valhallir.at/shop/v2-jcm1980/ , Valhallir now offers the complete backline from the band!

The following mics were used for this cab pack:

Audix® D6

AKG® D202, AKG® D112, AKG® C414

Shure® SM57, Shure® SM7-B, Sennheiser® MD421, Sennheiser® e906

sE Electronics® 4400 II, sE Electronics® sE8, sE Electronics® V7X, sE Electronics® VR1

Meet the band:

www.facebook.com/naca7aphc/   www.naca7.com

There we go with bass-monster and Valhallir.at betatester Nick Meola, showing you the sounds of V2-Sven7:

And her you can see Petra Grooves, bass player from CHAOS INSIDE, doing the playthrough on “King in my own world” from their recent album “AN602”


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