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A nice guy from the Netherlands sent us 2 Celestion™ Sidewinder speakers. He bought them over 25 years ago, because at that time they were called the “loudest & heaviest” 12″ guitar speakers Celestion™ ever produced. He gave us the speakers as a gift – he just wanted us to create a cab pack, as he had switched from real cabs to IRs and quite missed them.

It took some time to find the “right” cab for those two heavies (and with 11,6 lb/5,25kg they ARE quite heavy ones) So…what can we say about them? They sound REALLY cool. They got a lovely,

wide midrange, mellow highs without sizzle and a fat low-end. They are not just loud and suitable for heavy styles…especially midgain amp stuff really gets a lot a character. And like in

“A Game of Thrones” the “Underdogs” always become the interesting ones to deal with!

Thank you for the Sidewinders, Jörgen. They have found their new, final place next to the Wolverine Custom 2×12 and will stay as a part of the Valhallir studio.

Low resonance frequency: 54 hz


3 reviews for V2-SW212

  1. h.zankl (verified owner)

    The Sidewinder was Celestion’s answer to the EVM 12L.

    Directly compared to some EVM 12L’s the Sidewinders in this cabinet really sound similar, also similar powerful – same family soundwise, I would say – nevertheless not exactly the same. For me the Sidewinders still have their own, a little more British sounding character. The EVM has a more vintage voiced bass and treble range, while the advantage of the Sidewinder is it’s tighter, almost dry sounding bass combined with a generally very balanced, but never flat sounding tone, than you usually get from any other guitar speakers, I know.

    These IR’s not only sounds good in combination with higher amp gain settings, also pure clean or slightly crunched tones sound great, at least for me.

    Very natural sounding tones with a lot of excellent harmonics, while colouring the guitar’s / amps’s original character less than some other cabinet-speaker combinations, which is something, somebody may like or not.

  2. Will Schut

    I’ve been playing Sidewinders in “the real world” since the late eighties. They have been my weapon of choice ever since. So when ampmodeling took a flight early this millenium and (thirth party) IR’s became the way to go, I searched high and low for some Sidewinder IR’s. In vain, or so it would seem.
    At one point I did find my favorite third party IR provider, it was Valhallir. Soundwise second to none, great cab and mic collections and brave enough to also shoot IR’s from the more “left field” cabs and speakers. So their Wolverine became my go-to IR.

    And then, after a chain of events worthy of a moviescript, the good people at Valhallir got their hands on a set of Sidewinder speakers. And they shot some IR’s. Hallelujah!

    So how do they sound? Well, I have been able to A/B them to the real thing and I can say, hand on heart, that they sound just like the real thing. That means very solid from low to high, no boomy bass, no sizzely top end and a real focused midrange. For what it’s worth, think a Greenback on steroids.

    And the quality of the IR itself is up to the usual Valhallir standard, paramount, detailed and lively. As always, they behave in a mix identical to the real thing.
    Would I recommend them? Hell Yeah, it’s the only IR I use at the moment, I just use different mic options, but at the core it’s always the Sidewinder.

    You owe it to yourself to give these a go, just thank me later. After over 40 years as a guitarplayer and over 25 years as a professional, I can tell you, this is one IR that can not be missing from your collection!

  3. Andreas Gammauf

    Thank you for your kind words!

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