A nice guy from the Netherlands sent us 2 Celestion™ Sidewinder speakers. He bought them over 25 years ago, because at that time they were called the “loudest & heaviest” 12″ guitar speakers Celestion™ ever produced. He gave us the speakers as a gift – he just wanted us to create a cab pack, as he had switched from real cabs to IRs and quite missed them.

It took some time to find the “right” cab for those two heavies (and with 11,6 lb/5,25kg they ARE quite heavy ones) So…what can we say about them? They sound REALLY cool. They got a lovely,

wide midrange, mellow highs without sizzle and a fat low-end. They are not just loud and suitable for heavy styles…especially midgain amp stuff really gets a lot a character. And like in

“A Game of Thrones” the “Underdogs” always become the interesting ones to deal with!

Thank you for the Sidewinders, Jörgen. They have found their new, final place next to the Wolverine Custom 2×12 and will stay as a part of the Valhallir studio.

Low resonance frequency: 54 hz



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