V2-Red Special




Here we go with a very special “All-you-can-eat-triple-cab pack!!! Say hello to the “V2-Red Special” !

Just take 3 expensive speaker-heavy-weights  like an Altec®  417-BH II with Alu-Cone, an Electro-Voice® EVM-12L and a Celestion® G12-Alnico Cream

and load them into Valhallir-Owner Andy’s custom built “Red Majesty” 1×12″ cab.

This sophistically built, oversized custom cab is strictly engineered for performance and helps the speakers to provide their absolute tonal maximum.

The “Red Majesty” cab was built after Andys specs from Peter Zoglauer, who is also responsible for the  V2-Wolverine https://valhallir.at/en/shop/v2-wolverine/.

Brilliant cleans? – Ultra-fat low end? – Creamy leads with adorable mids?  V2-Altus, V2-Eve and V2-Cream will give you everything you need and provide a

versatility for every kind of  amp and every musical style.

The following microphones have been used for this cab pack:

Resonance frequency:

V2-Altus:  109 Hz.

V2-Eve:       96 Hz.

V2-Cream 108 Hz.

Here you can watch and listen to Nico Celeste and V2-Eve:



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