Ready for a fat, hairy grind-machine?

This butt-ugly monster from PEAVEY® was developed for non less than Eddie Van Halen! Born in 1992 and stuffed with  4 Sheffield® 1200 speakers, this cab gets almost everything done between Hard Rock and 8-string Djent Metal stuff.

The owner of this cab is Thomas Trausmuth aka “Sharky Dong Dong” from the Austrian Metal-institution “Seek & Destroy” . His second band is called “Siege of Cirrha”, Thomas loves cats and baritone-7-Saiter.  As this is his “baby” he insisted of doing his own “Selection” folder. So it’s the first time in Valhallir-history, that we have 2 different selection folders in one cab pack !!!

The following microphones have been abused mercilessly  for the production of this cab pack:

Resonance frequency 104 Hz.

And how does it sound? Massive, baby, massive.


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