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Here we go with something special for the droptune, 7-, and  8-string and bariton guitarists!

Based on measurements of a straight angle Marshall® Oversized 4×12 Mode Four cab, cross-loaded with 2 different Eminence® speakers, the V2-Kali is an absolute candy for the heavy fraction.

Speaker A and C are Eminence® “Swamp Thang™”s –  150 Watt,   12” speakers, with a fat  59 Oz magnet and 102 db sensitivity.

Speaker B and D are Eminence® “Texas Heat™”s –  150 Watt,  12” speakers, that many people might know from the “Krankenstein” cabs from Pantera-guitar legend Dimebag Darrell (RIP).

The combination of the cross-loaded speakers with the oversized Mode4-cab, which is IMHO one of the BEST Marshall-cabs ever built, is phenomenal for drop-tunings, but even a slightly “Eric Johnson”-Tone is possible with the Texas Heat speakers, while the more aggressive Swamp Thang’s can really offer a very offensive clean tone. This cab is not only limited for hard stuff!

The cab belongs to  Roman Skomar, the guitarist of the Austrian Metal Band “Kalima”, where he is using it together with bariton 7-strings and a Rivera-Knucklehead.

Low Frequency Resonance: 115 Hz


2 reviews for V2-Kali

  1. jean-marie.fanet (verified owner)

    Another great pack for metal.
    Tested with my 7 strings, it’s perfect.
    Thanks you guys !

  2. francoisthibault

    Really great non-celestion alternative.. Those speakers are rarely seen in IR form and the mic choice is killer

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