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Let’s get clean:

Based on measurements from a Fender™ Pro Reverb from 1966, cross-loaded with an Oxford 12L5 speaker from 1966 and an Oxford 12T6 speaker from 1970, this cabpack brings you

all the sparkling cleans you have ever dreamed of.

As we wanted to add some “amp-mojo”, we included 2 different folders to the cab pack: One folder contains the impulse responses as usual – but folder No. 2, the “Mojo” files (V2-FredM), contains the same IRs with the preamp and poweramp interaction of this great amplifier!

Owner Martin Edelmann is 12 years younger than his Fender Amp und plays guitar at  Christina Kosik & die Gang Band, SuperToaster, Chemtrail Pilots and the Folklore-Punk-Anarcho          Ensemble Kellerberg Buam. And sometimes he does some guitar work for Austria’s biggest radiostation “Hitradio Ö3”.





No one could describe this amp better than Martin:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      This amp smells like the furniture of my grandma (RIP) when I was a kid! Well, you can’t download that, but now you can get the sound – oh modern times!
The Pro Reverb is my favorite Fender of all times and for me, this is the perfect stage and studio amp. With 40W, tube rectifier and a tiny output transformer                                                                      it sounds lively and big at reasonable stage levels but has enough headroom in case you want to annoy the sound guy. Also breaks up beautiful (the amp, not the sound guy).
I imported this from Georgia, US and it was love at the first note. Happy to share this with you now! Grandma would be happy, too

Low resonance frequency:  54 Hz

The following mikes were used for this cab pack:

AKG® D202

AKG® C414

Shure® SM57

Shure® SM7-B

Sennheiser® MD421

Sennheiser® e906

sE Electronics® 4400 II

sE Electronics® sE8

sE Electronics® V7X

sE Electronics® VR1

Royer® R121

And here we go with Marco:

Listen to Al Rivero’s clip, he is using the V2-Fred for the cleans and the V2-Wolverine for the overdriven tones:

3 reviews for V2-Fred

  1. h.zankl (verified owner)

    I usually am not such a big fan of typical Fender cab/speaker IR’s, as most of the ones, I know, or have heard up to now, sounded too sharp or too shrill for my taste.

    This one is the very first, which seems to sound more authentically, it gives you a very present, but also very naturally, even sweet sounding treble range plus a very good, detailed, never too muddy bass response, already in the regular – non Mojo – versions.

    The Mojo set adds some more nice tube flavour to the tone.

    Most probably the only Fender cab sim I’ll ever need. (Maybe apart from a 1012, or a 115,… as long as they have this quality…)

  2. Pietro Gabba (verified owner)

    I think Vallhal produces the best IRs on the market. The sound I got is very defined, crystal clear and rich.
    Tip: use the D202 microphone from the “Mojo” folder.

  3. Adam Hardwick

    Very happy with the V2-Fred pack. It added some needed mid-range to the sound of my Deluxe Reverb.

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