This cab pack is just unbelievable.  If you are looking for an “american” low bottom and “british” mids in one cab, this might be the right IR collection for you.

Based on measurements of an 412s, loaded with Eminence™ P50E speakers, built exclusivley for Steven Fryette , the Fryette™ 412S P50E ist one  of the best sounding 4×12 guitar cab(s), we know, if not even the best.

This cab is a bomb, suitable for all styles of Rock, but unmatched, when it comes to heavy, downtuned Metal.

Low resonance frequency: 115 Hz.

The following mics were used for this cab pack:

AKG® D202

AKG® C414

Lewitt® MTP440

Shure® SM57

Shure® SM7-B

Sennheiser® MD421

Sennheiser® e906

sE Electronics® 4400 II

sE Electronics® sE8

sE Electronics® V7X

sE Electronics® VR1

Royer® R121


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