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Here we go with a very unique and sophisticated cab from the German boutique-cab company KAMMLER.

Based on measurements from a Kammler Tunator®  MonoKai  1×12 open back-cab, loaded with a  Celestion® AlNico Cream 12″, which is mounted without a single screw or metal part to the

elaborately constructed cabinet. Especially for Class-A combo amps this cab is great!

If you like to know more about these exclusive boutique cabs: www.kammler-cabinets.de

Low Resonance Frequency: 52 Hz

2 reviews for V2-KCB112

  1. h.zankl (verified owner)

    The Cream for me is an excellent allround alnico speaker with a more contemporary character, compared to the more vintage voiced Blue or Gold. Sounds similar to the Gold, but with an noticeably better bass response, which – apart from all other sonic qualities – usually has been the weak point of (vintage) alnico speakers. The Cream seems to work fine and reacts very dynamically in this cabinet, it really seems to breathe.

    The very good IR’s give you a 112-typical, direct, straightfoward alnico-tone, a closer mic setting in combination with one of the also excellent ambient mic IR’s adds additional, wonderful dimensionality.

    • Andreas Gammauf

      Thank you for the reviews. We found them very objective, informative and useful and are very happy, that you like our stuff.

  2. George Williams (verified owner)

    I started with the Teaserpack and found the Kammler IR very good n that pack, so I then bought this Kammler IR pack. They are excellent. I have been using different IRs from different suppliers for different guitar tones on a blues rock album I am recording, but I have now re-recoding all the parts just using the Valhallir Kammler IR’s. Just brilliant!

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