Ladies and Gentlemen: Let us introduce you to German’s most powerful lady!

This great 4×12 cab is nothing less than one of the first PROTOTYPES from the well known German amp-company  ENGL®.  Built in 1991 and loaded with 4 great,  selected T3904 V30’s from Celestion®, this cab belongs to the very first bunch of cabs, that got delivered to a small group of german musical instrument stores. The rest is history!

Based on the extraordinary craftmanship, the acustic improvements and the selected speakers, V2-Angie is hands down the best V30-loaded 4×12 cab, we had in our hands untill now.

Accordingly we used a REAL BIG BUNCH of microphones for the cab pack, which was done by our V2-processing Voodoo-priest Bastian “Bastaman” Bührig from Hannover.

And there you go:

AKG® D202

AKG® C414

AKG® C1000

Audix® i5

Lewitt® MTP440

Shure® SM57

Shure® SM7-B

Sennheiser® MD421

Sennheiser® e906

sE Electronics® 4400 II

sE Electronics® sE8

sE Electronics® V7X

sE Electronics® V7

sE Electronics® VR1

sE Electronics® X1R

Royer® R121

Do you think, we LOVE that cab? You have no idea, people!

A big hug to our fellow friend Johannes “Hey Joe” Bierwirth, for his trust in our work.

Resonanzfrequenz 94 Hz.


Curtain on stage clear for  Al Rivero: Der hot-blooded guitarrero from Spain made this great exclusive track for our V2-Angie:



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