This one’s for you Metalheads:

Based on measurements of an oversized Marshall® Mode Four MF400a, loaded with  4 Celestion™ G12K-100 speakers, the  V2-Mofo represents our new benchmark,

when it comes to heavy and aggressive stuff.  A fat low end, paired with aggressive and focused mids will cut through any mix and let our (slightly modified) V2-Mofo

shine with High Gain amps and low tuned guitars.

This cab pack also contains a folder of 12 signature IR-mixes, created by longtime Valhallir user  Marcus Siepen from the legendary German Metal-Band BLIND GUARDIAN,

who instantly fell in love with the V2-Mofo. His signature mixes have replaced ALL other impulse responses in his setups.

Quinton from Quinton’s guitar corner rocks the V2-Mofo:

But you are not limited to “Metal” at all! Italian guitar wizard Marco Fanton approves:


Nico Celeste goes METAL:

Low resonance frequency: 100 Hz.

Die following microphones have been used and abused for this cab pack:


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