And here we go: V2-C-Bra, the 2×12″ Signature bass cab from Chaos Inside bass player  Petra Grooves!

2 Eminence®  Basslite 12″ Woofer und 1 Eminence®  ATP80-V2 Tweeter, loaded in a custom made chassis made from finest birch multiplex

deliver a tight and focused low end and extremely clean mids, that cut through the mix. The aim was to build  a very lightweight cab

(that’s why the Basslite Neodym speakers with only 1,9 kg were used), which is still able to produce enough sound pressure for

bigger stages and keep up with  the Drop A tuned longscale 5-string basses of Petra.

As you can hear from the soundfiles, this cab is  useable for all styles, from Death Metal to Hard Rock and even Funk.

Petra loves 2 things: Zebras and light. So that’s why this cab has it’s own built-in light-system and the Zebra-Tolex surface.

The following mikes were used and abused for the shooting:

Low Resonance frequency: 65 Hz.


Let’s show you, how versatile this cab is:

Nick Meola working on some mean Metal tunes:

Some nice funky chops from our Team-Betatester Ronnie:

Here is some funny content from Petra, doing a song in her mother-language: V2-C-Bra for Bass and a Mix of V2-Angie and V2-Boa IRs for

the guitars, that have been played by Valhallir’s Andy. And yes, we had a lot of fun making this video. And no, the lyrics make NO SENSE at all.


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