The  V2-Camo is a Randall® RS412XJM 4×12 cab, which has been loaded with  2 Celestion® Century Vintage (Speaker A & C)  and 2 Celestion® V12-60 speakers (B & D).

As the  Century Vintage has offensive, but still beautiful mids and a very controlled bass range, the  V12-60 has a light mid scoop, very smooth High and a lot of bottom end.

Together those speakers are an absolute stellar team,  and the V2-Camo can shine at all musical styles, from 7-string low tuned Metal to sounds like  Steve Vai, Andy Timmons

oder Steve Lukather – from “Clean to Mean” – V2-Camo delivers the goods!

There’s something new in this cab pack: The   OC818  condenser microphone from the Viennes  company “Austrian Audio” (former AKG-technicians!!) is a microphone from the absolute

Champions-League.  With it’s ceramic-multipattern capsule, it exceeds the sound of the AKG C414 by far, which is the reason to change the C414 shots to the OC818.

Low Resonance Frequency: 115 hz

Our favorite guitarist Marco Fanton  instantly fell in love with the V2-Camo (and he also LOVES the OC818)In his own words: “I think , I created my very best preset pack.” But just let the

music do the talking:


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