The  V2-Camo is a Randall® RS412XJM 4×12 cab, which has been loaded with  2 Celestion® Century Vintage (Speaker A & C)  and 2 Celestion® V12-60 speakers (B & D).

As the  Century Vintage has offensive, but still beautiful mids and a very controlled bass range, the  V12-60 has a light mid scoop, very smooth High and a lot of bottom end.

Together those speakers are an absolute stellar team,  and the V2-Camo can shine at all musical styles, from 7-string low tuned Metal to sounds like  Steve Vai, Andy Timmons

oder Steve Lukather – from “Clean to Mean” – V2-Camo delivers the goods!

There’s something new in this cab pack: The   OC818  condenser microphone from the Viennes  company “Austrian Audio” (former AKG-technicians!!) is a microphone from the absolute

Champions-League.  With it’s ceramic-multipattern capsule, it exceeds the sound of the AKG C414 by far, which is the reason to change the C414 shots to the OC818.

Our favorite guitarist Marco Fanton  instantly fell in love with the V2-Camo (and he also LOVES the OC818)In his own words: “I think , I created my very best preset pack.” But just let the

music do the talking:


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