This is Andy, the guy who runs

Lives happily married and with 4 cats in Lower Austria (No kangaroos) and is the singer and guitarist from the band CHAOS INSIDE.

In charge of the organisation of the German “Axe-Fest” and former team-member.

Loves music, movies, sushi and tattoos. And is always in quest of the perfect guitar sound and the meanest guitar cabs.

This is Tom. He’s the technical genius behind the Valhallir-IR-shooting method.

His main job is the development of pro audio microphones and he is the lead guitarist of the True Metal band

VAL SANS. He in fact IS a real metalhead.

Worked for AKG for more than 18 years and is also a former team-member of

Lives with his woman, children and two cats in Upper Austria, when he’s not just hopping between  New York,

Shanghai or London.

This is Bastian. He is a self-employed IT-professional and the man behind the website of

Lives with his First Lady and two cats in Hannover (google that – Freaks) and is the lead guitarist from the band


Was born into a musical family  and has learned some really dirty chops on the electric guitar from his dad.

Also in charge of the organisation of the German “Axe-Fest”, able to understand 5 different german /austrian dialects.

Loves Red Bull Cola. But hey…who does not?


This is Marco from Padova/Italy. His explosive, melodic and emotional playing style is well known and loved

all over world and we are proud to have him in our team.

On his website  you can buy his personal, very tasty presets he is producing for almost all kinds of

amp-modelling devices available on the market,  like Fractal Audio, Line6 Helix, Kemper, Headrush, etc.

This man KNOWS guitar sound !!!

If you like to know more about Marco:

This is Haiko, the pro-player  in our team, who recorded the sound clips for

Endorser for Ibanez™ guitars and Laney™ amps.

Degree from Musikhochschule Würzburg as qualified musician/Jazz und qualified music instructor/Jazz; studied in New York & Havanna/Cuba

(Mike Stern, Pat Martino, Wayne Krantz, Adam Rogers, Jorge Chicoy..). Gigs with several Coverbands, Jazz- and Bigbands;

CD productions, touring worldwide for  Mellow Mark, Riddim and  Martin Jondo;

Holder of the  youth culture advancement award of the city of Würzburg with the band „Soularis“

At the moment he is working solo on his solo project “D´Artagnan” . Author and Tutor for

Teaching assignment at the Julius Maximilians – University Würzburg


Culcha Candela, Laith al Deen, Mellow Mark, Martin Jondo, D´Artagnan, tv productions für ARD,MDR, Arte…