Ok, people. We know, that you are smart. You don’t need no explanation of the stuff we sell.

But before you cry like a little puppy, when evil technology is driving you nuts, let’s get a little into the details.

You don’ t need to tell anyone about it. And we can keep your secret, but the following words may deliver

all the answers you need:


1) How to identify a Valhallir-IR

Our file naming is simple: VH – Brand – Model – MicType – Mic Model – SpeakerPos

For example: VH-MA-CS1960TV-r-RNR1-C1 means:

VH –  IR from ValHallir


Conrad Schrenk’s 1960TV

ribbon  – (d….dynamic, k…condenser)

RNR1 – sE Electronics/Rupert Neve Design

C speaker at

1 mic position


Speakers/mic position

2×12″ A= left B= right

4×12″ A= left top B= right top C= right bottom D=left bottom mic position:

1= direct, aggressive, bold (In your face, Mike)

2= very balanced and smooth, our most favourite setting

3= open, light

Mics we used for capturing:

Shure™ SM57

Shure™ SM7B

Shure™ Unidyne SM548

sE Electronics™ 4400aII

sE Electronics™ VR1 Ribbon

sE Electronics™ RNR1 Rupert Neve Design Ribbon

Neumann™ U87ai Condenser

Sennheiser™ e906

Sennheiser™ MD421

AKG™ D202


Did you get it? Read it twice. Psychologists have proven that this may help.

The concept of the “Teletubbies™” works in the same way.


BTW: Check out the dynamic mic IRs first. Then the ribbons and the condenser mics.


2) What is RAW, or MP

Mixing several IRs makes fun and enables you to create new and individual sounds.

Just like using real microphones you might experience unwanted coloration due to phase issues.

With real microphones this effect can’t be avoided but you can easily by using minimum phase (MP) IRs.


3) Which format do I need for my modeler

There are several products that support using external IRs.

We offer a wide range of file formats to make sure the right format is included for your needs.


a) Gear for studio and stage:

Fractal Audio™ Axe-Fx (all versions), AX8 –> Cab Lab, Cab Lab Lite (free)

Kemper™ Modeling Amp (all products) –> Cabmaker

Two Notes™ Torpedo (all products)

Line6™ Helix

AMT™ Pangea (all models)

Atomic™ Amplifier

Yamaha™ THR Series

Bias™ Head


b) VST/AU Plugings for your DAW:

Poulin LeCab (free)

keFir (free)

SIR (free)


Peavey™ Revalver (free)

Reverence (included in Steinberg™ Cubase)


Use the right format:

Fractal Audio™ Products (all versions of the Axe-Fx and AX8): 24b – 48k – 170ms

Kemper™ Profiler: 24b 44-1k 170ms

Two Notes™ Torpedo: 24b 96k 170ms

Yamaha™ THR Series: 16b 44-1k 170ms

Line6™ Helix: 16b 48k 170ms

AMT™ Pangea : 24b – 48k – 170ms

Atomic™ Amplifier: 24b – 48k – 170ms