VH-VX-Thirty1962 & VH-VX-Thirty1995

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With pride we present our new double-feature IR-cab pack, based on the measurement of a

Vox™ JMI AC-30/6 Treble Model 1962 and a Vox™ AC30/6 TB 1995.

Words may fail by describing those legendary amps. If Brian May from Queen, the Beatles, Rory Gallagher, Status Quo  or The Edge von U2,

ther AC30 has always been one of “THE” amps in Rock music history.

The two selected jewels have different speakers:

The model from  1962er , which is owned by the swiss musician Martin Pfiffner, is loaded with

Alnico Celestion™ G12 / Blue Bulldogs (used from 1962 until 63) bestückt ist, and the 1995 TB-model (owned by Jürgen Potscher from Berlin)

has Vox™ Alnico BLUE speakers.


Resonance frequency VX-Thirty 1962: 57 Hz

Resonance frequency VX-Thirty 1995: 74 Hz



2 reviews for VH-VX-Thirty1962 & VH-VX-Thirty1995

  1. Martin

    Didn’t try the 95 model yet, but the 62 cabs are just awesome. Its gonna be my new signature tone in the Axe II. My band loves it too.

  2. Wolfgang

    Sehr authentisch, sehr variable Micropositionen. Die Standardcab mit dem U87 Raw für alle AC30/20 und Matchlesssounds im Axe Fx II.

    Very authentic, very different Micpositions. My Standardcab with the U87 Raw Mic for all the AC 30/20 and Matchlesssound in the Axe Fx II.

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