VH-Britain’s Finest




Here we go with an impulse response collection based on the best Marshall™ cabinets, we have found and measured within the last years.

From ultra-Vintage to crushing Metal-tones, if you’re in love with the british legendary cabs (like us), this IR-collection will be all you will

ever need.


This time we included the “Best of 5” folder with selected IRs from the whole cab pack, to make it easier for you to find your favorite cab

pack and/or microphones & settings.


The VH-Britain’s Finest impulse response collection contains the following IR’s, based on the following cabs:

Pin1968: Marshall™ 1960A™ “Pinstripe” from 1965, loaded with  Celestion™ G12M (20 Watt Pre-Rola „pulsonic cone“) from 1968.

Art1971: Marshall™ 2069,  “Artiste” from 1971 with Celestion™ G12H30 (Pre-Rola „pulsonic cone“) from 1971.

JCM1981: Marshall™ 1960A™ JCM800™ from 1981, loaded with Celestion™ G12-65 Speakers.

MF280: Marshall™ Mode Four oversized 4X12 cab, with Celestion™ V30MF (70Watt version of the  Vintage 30)

810Y1968: Marshall™ 1990 Lead 80 Cab from 1968 with 8 Celestion™ 10″ speakers T7442 (10 Watt).

Jimi1982: Marshall™ Jimi Hendrix Edition, Oversized, with Celestion™ G12C (a special version of the 25 Watt Greenbacks)

CS Mars1960: Marshall™1960 TV Oversized cab, loaded with Celestion™ Greenback G12M25 (25 watt) from the 80’s.

CB1971: Marshall™1971 with  2 x Celestion Greenback G12M25 T1221, 1 x T1220, 1 x T1886 Artiste

PETETS812: Marshall™ 812T40/B40 8×12 Cabinet Pete Townsend Reissue, 8 Celestion™  with Celestion™ T652™ AlNiCo „Silver“ Speakers.

WhiteAX97: Marshall™1960AX Ltd 1997 mit Celestion™’G12M25 Greenbacks

T75Anni: Marshall™1960 from 1992, loaded with Celestion™G12T75’s.





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