NL DZL 4×12

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And here we go with another killer-cab owned by Austrian Metal Producer Norbert Leitner.
Based on measurements from a 4×12 cab loaded with 4 Celestion™ V30 speakers, that can be found in most musical styles, this cab isn’t built to be silent.
If you are looking for aggressive sound with a fat low-end, you should give this german warship a try.
Low tuned guitars and tons of gain – this is, where she feels at home.

Resonance frequency: 93 Hz.

2 reviews for NL DZL 4×12

  1. erathia (verified owner)

    A great representation of the real Cab. The different microphones and positions really provide a lot of versatility.

  2. Wolfgang (verified owner)

    A real cool cab and it´s IR´s. Works also great with Mesa-Amps at the AxeFx II. Absolut straight, no icepicky. One of my standard cabs with modelers.

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