E 412 straight 4×12

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The german company responsible for this monster, is well known in the Hard’n Heavy scene for years.

Loaded with Celestion™ Vintage 30, save behind a metal grill, you find this predator at the top of the food chain. It cuts through the mix like a chainsaw, has tons of bass and is not the right choice for music vegetarians or jazz maniacs. This cab loves M E T A L.

Resonance frequency 101 Hz.


1 review for E 412 straight 4×12

  1. Mark (verified owner)

    I have the Real cab and use it live with my Kemper. Now I use this pack instead of a mic and run direct because it sounds like my Cab! Awesome Job!

    • Andreas Gammauf

      Thanks for your review!
      If you are into good V30’s, you should try the MB-OD4x12 pack with old british Mesa V30’s
      By far the best V30-loaded cab we EVER had in our hands.

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